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Anton Akhatov

Hi. My name is Anton Ahatov. I’m Senior Software Engineer.

I have 10+ years of experience in development. My passion is working at the intersection of design and code. I love details.

My key skills:

  • Team and tech leadership with clear predictability
  • Design ↔ development communication
  • Building practices at the org level: design systems, dev experience, incident management


PandaDoc (2019 — now)

Document management system for 50,000+ businesses. I have seen a company grow from startup to unicorn. Key things that helped me learn more:

  • Technical leadership of the global redesign, which prepared the product for a new strategy. In addition to the technical challenges it was a big project that requires aligning between different departments and incude communication between designers, developers, marketing and business. Article: new era of PandaDoc.
  • Maintaining a design system used across the company. Together with team we increased the speed of creating new features and products.
  • Participation in the architecture process. I have gained a lot of important practical knowledge, such as domain separation, micro-frontends, extension points, mobile-web development and many others.

Gismeteo (2015 — 2019)

I participated in the redesign of a weather forecasting website that is visited by over 5 million people daily. I developed most of the frontend for the desktop version and nearly the entire mobile site.


Startup Consulting

I have experience in helping and advising on the launch of new products.


I can provide advice on professional growth and help solve technical challenges.


I love designing, prototyping, explaining visually and just creating beautiful things. For example you can look at the our version of the Stockholm Rail Network Map


I have visited more than 70 countries. Getting to know different cultures is exciting for me. Each new place gives me a rest, a change of scenery and an endless amount of inspiration.